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BLACK-WHITE                      1-199 ks          200-999 ks
A4 Unilateral                         1,60 Kč             1,40 Kč
A4 Bilateral                           2,80 Kč            2,40 Kč
A3 Unilateral                         2,80 Kč            2,40 Kč
A3 Bilateral                           5,40 Kč            5,00 Kč

COLOUR                                1-99 ks           100-599 ks
A4 Unilateral                        7,70 Kč            6,90 Kč
A4 Bilateral                          15,20 Kč           13,60 Kč
A3 Unilateral 
                       15,20 Kč           13,60 Kč

A3  Bilateral                         29,50 Kč          22,20 Kč

100g smooth ColorCopy                         0,90 Kč
120g smooth ColorCopy                          1,20 Kč
160g smooth ColorCopy                          1,80 Kč
200g smooth ColorCopy                         1,90 Kč
250g smooth ColorCopy                         2,60 Kč
300g smooth ColorCopy                         3,50 Kč
self-adhesive A4                                       7,- Kč

120g smooth ColorCopy                               3,30 Kč
160g smooth ColorCopy                               3,50 Kč

  • Minimum order price 5,-Kč
  • Copy from the bound copy (book, sheet...)    +20%
  • For a larger number of copies than indicated in the price list, the price is negotiable.
  • We print, copy, scan A4, A3 formats on RICOH Aficio MP4504 laser machines

Data processing on PC by the operator (creating or editing documents) is charged ... 50,-CZK/10min.

Use of PC outside printing ... from 10 min 2,-CZK/min


ČÁROVÝ                         black-white       colour
A2                                      15,60 Kč        31,20 Kč 
A1                                       31,20 Kč       63,20 Kč
A0                                      62,40 Kč      126,40 Kč
Unusual size                       3,90 Kč/A4    7,90 Kč/A4

FULL COVERAGE           black-white      colour

bellow 50%                      25,00 Kč/A4   29,00 Kč/A4
above 50%                      15,00 Kč/A4    19,00 Kč/A4
The area coverage is calculated for each A4 from the total area of the drawing.

Large-format printing is also available on various types of higher-weight paper - info at the shop.trong> E.g. suitable for printing posters and posters.

folding drawnings                                       1,- Kč/A4
cutting of drawnings by operator              1,- Kč/řez
cutting of drawnings selfmade                   zdarma

  • We offer black and white and colour large format printing up to a maximum width of 1067mm and length of 3200mm.
  • We print on the Canon iPF840 large format inkjet printer.

We also send orders by post.

The price list is valid from 31.12.2022