How to do - common questions

binding and printing of the final thesis can be ordered at the shop or online, we can also handle everything by express

How to proceed if I want to order a DP binding - the cheapest option?

Start by ordering your binding boards 2-3 days before your desired pick-up date. When ordering, it is necessary to specify what color of plates and printing I want, how many sheets the work will contain (choose according to the range in the order form) and the pattern of printing plates. We will prepare the plates and it will then wait for you until you deliver the contents, which we will bind into them by the next day.

How to order a binding?

You have 2 options. In person in our shop, we will be happy to answer all your questions ... or online via the order form.

What if I don't manage to order the plates in advance?

It does not matter, we can produce the work in a shorter time, e.g. by the next day or by express in about 1 hour including printing. Only on days of deadlines this interval can be extended due to the final finish of "last minute bindings".

What if I don't know what I want my faculty plaque printing to look like?

No problem, use our ready-made templates for printing binders for individual universities and faculties, which you can find under the link BINDER PRINTING TEMPLATES. We follow the current guidelines of Brno universities for the design of theses, we have prescribed fonts and new logos of universities. We have samples of MU, BUT, MENDELU, VFU, UO and other high-school and higher education institutions, state and private schools not only in Brno.

I'd like to print on the plates according to my own design that I've prepared...

We will be happy to use your own design! Please bring it for printing on USB or directly on paper. When ordering online, please insert the file with your design in the appropriate field in the order form.

What about the spine print?

No problem for us for works over 60 sheets...

The printing of the work itself ...

We print the work on demand. You will immediately check your copy and hand it over to us for binding into prepared plates.

Can I bring my own copy of the work?

Of course, the only condition is that the sheets are clean, unwrinkled, undeformed and match the number and weight of paper specified in your order. You do not pay anything for bringing your own copy!!!

When is work bundling free?

If you only need to bind your work into folders by the second day after printing (handing in), which will take place no later than 4pm that day, then we will bind it into folders for free and it will be available for collection the following day from 7am.

What about ring bindings, thermal binding or slip-on rails?

We do these bindings on demand!

How do I bring my work to print?

Definitely in .PDF format, you won't lose formatting, line spacing, document margins or your nerves.

Should I print single-sided or double-sided?

Most of the time, students print papers single-sided. Of course, it can be double-sided, depending on your choice or your faculty's requirements ... check with the school beforehand!

What if I want to print my work on both sides?

You need to think about margins and page number placement! The binding in the spine takes about 1cm, so the left edge must be 1cm wider than the right. So for double-sided printing, successive pages in the document must have alternating margins : left wider - right narrower and the next page left narrower - right wider etc.

Is a higher paper weight required?

We use 80g/m2 xeropaper of a higher quality as standard for printing jobs. Higher paper weights of 100 or 120g/m2 are mainly used for double-sided printing. This fact should be mentioned when ordering the binding, because the higher weight paper is thicker and we have to prepare a wider spine in the binding. If you do not specify this fact when ordering the binding, we cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient margin to insert thicker paper in the binding and we will have to print on conventional xerox paper.

I need to print large format drawings...

Export your printable drawings to .PDF in actual size beforehand! We print ISO formats and atypical drawing sizes up to 1067mm wide and 3200mm long ... also in colour. All on demand, you control the output from the plotter. You can cut and assemble your drawings immediately.

I want to print on self-adhesive paper...

We normally print on self-adhesive A4 paper. This is mainly used by the students of the FAST BUT to cover the paper folders that they bind into folders with laces.

Instead of hardcover, I'm supposed to have sheets with laces...

Lace boards are mainly used by students at FAST or UNOB. They are available in black or blue, and the length of the laces can be adapted to more bulky work.

Can I send you work or drawings to print online?

Yes, you certainly can and via our online print order form. If there will be more files, spread them out over multiple orders, or send the files directly to our email .

I need to include the original assignment...

Please take the assignment with you so that you can insert it in the appropriate place in your work after printing. If you bring a printed paper, make sure that the assignment is not missing.

I have colour pages at work, how do I print them?

Our printers have their own counters that distinguish between the number of colour and black and white pages in a document. So the document is sent to the printer in its entirety and after printing, the counters for black and white and colour pages are read. Please note that sometimes when exporting to .PDF format, images, photos, scans or grey table fills etc. that appear in black and white may be recognized by the printer as colour. You can calculate in advance how many pages in your job will be in colour and how many in black and white and report the numbers to the operator. However, if these numbers differ from the operator's random manual recount, the price for printing will be set according to the operator.

The job is bound and I found a mistake in the text, now what?

Don't despair, individual sheets and the entire job can be rebound, sheets can be replaced with corrected sheets, or missing sheets can be completely removed or filled in. We can do it on the spot.


I need to insert attachments into the binding - loose sheets or folded drawings

We will make an adequate space in the spine of the boards for inserting the number of attachments you tell us in advance. If you are inserting only loose A4 sheets up to 5 pieces, we will glue a foil pocket into the boards into which the sheets will be inserted. These sheets must be trimmed at least 2cm on the longer edge.

What else might I need?

We have a wide range of office supplies, stationery, paper folders with flaps, euro sleeves, file folders with laces, glue, scissors, ring binder material, binding slips ... and many other things you might need.

... and you can pay by card and park right in front of the store!