Diploma Thesis

binding and printing of the final thesis can be ordered at the shop or online, we can also handle everything by express


MON-THU 7-18 FRI 7-15


  • get your boards into production on time, save yourself stress and money
  • don't forget to insert the APPLICATION - if prescribed
  • bring your work to print in .PDF format - it won't break the document or your nerves
  • print on self-adhesive A4 - clean work without sticky fingers


  • we can print the plates with the new MU logo!


  • VAFLE? We will print the binding boards or lace boards for BUT FAST students in the prescribed VAFLE BUT or OPEN SANS font.
  • TISSUE? We produce the plates with laces within two days, if the length of the laces is not enough, for 10,- CZK we will replace them with longer ones!!!
  • BIG FORMAT? We are always happy to help you with printing your drawings, and you can check the print directly at the output of the plotter - be there and it will be OK!
  • OREZ? Free 1320 mm wide cutter available!
  • FOLDING DRAWINGS? We have a lot of experience in this, according to the time possibilities of the operator and for a small fee we will put the drawings together for you!
  • ATTACHMENTS? If your diploma thesis is to include appendices - loose sheets or folded drawings, we will make adequate space in the spine of the binding for the insertion of the appendices. The appendices will then be loosely inserted into the spine of the binding and fastened with custom-made flaps.